INTRODUCING FIFTEEN STORIES, the people and places behind fifteen CORNWALL and its food.


When I first visited Fifteen over ten years ago, I, like so many was excited by the food. Whilst Cornwall had long been renowned for its fantastic fish and seafood restaurants, the concept of a menu that took inspiration from Italy whilst celebrating the best of what this part of the UK produced felt new, fresh and wildly different to anything else on offer, a factor that holds true in 2017 where the menu may have changed and evolved but the concept and commitment remains just as true.

Repeated visits and time photographing the chefs as they worked in the kitchen lead me to realise that Fifteen Cornwall is about so much more than great food. It’s a far-reaching infrastructure that’s proved instrumental in nurturing local, sustainable food producers in Cornwall, people who are passionate about the production of a single ingredient or who have turned the development of ecologically farmed vegetables into their life's work. Producers, who, as their geographical reach expands outside of Cornwall are shaping food culture in Britain as a whole. 

Consequently I felt there were stories to be told, stories that gave an insight into what happens before the food arrives on our plates. Through Fifteen Stories I’ll be documenting the people and places that underpin Fifteen Cornwall, telling their tales and understanding how quietly yet skilfully they are forming the backbone of sustainable food culture in this part of the world and beyond.

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